When I say a Serial Killer, people will think of Jack the Ripper or Jeffery Dahmer. If I say misunderstood creature, not too many people understand what I am talking about. Why is that? What is a misunderstood creature?

Too many people think of a serial killer as a person who kills and uses fear to make more people afraid. If I say a misunderstood creature, they don’t really care. But they should.

The fact is that a Serial Killer kills for the fear that it causes and to deal with the desire to control. The misunderstood creature will kill for food. The misunderstood creature is sharks. There are over 440 different types of sharks in the waters that we know of. (http://www.treehugger.com/ocean-conservation/10-amazing-endangered-shark-species-how-many-do-you-know.html ) Out of the 440, there are only about 20 types of sharks that are dangerous to humans. (http://news.softpedia.com/news/Top-10-Deadly-Sharks-81429.shtml )

Let’s look at the reason why I mentioned a serial killer. If you take a person that is repeatedly destroying human life, they have a feeling of power over the other person. In the case of London 1888 better known as Jack the Ripper there were several things that worked as anchor points. An anchor point is an area where the person is in control and the victim has no control.  With the Ripper case, each of the victims was a ‘lady of the night’ so therefore they would know where to go to ‘take care of their business’.

Now with a shark of any type, they don’t have hands to see what something is. If you look at the ones that are known to ‘test’ people they don’t have hands so they will take a ‘test’ bite to see what it is. Here is the problem when the ‘test bite’ is taken they realize that humans are too bony and  in most cases say bye! The problem is that now the person has to get medical attention and people freak out. sharkwaring_1 The flags that are used in Cape Town are shown above.

There are things that we can to stay safe in the water, just like there are safe things we can do to prevent ourselves from having a problem when we go out at night.

  1. When we go out at night, we go with friends so we aren’t alone. Without thinking, we are protecting ourselves.

  2. When humans go swimming, some think that they have every right to be there. The thing is that humans are visitors. A little attention to the details can help a lot.

  3. Most of the more well-known sharks like to hunt at dawn and dusk with limited at mid-day. The reason is they are able to use their great eyesight to see what is in the water.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sharks eyes are special due to the fact that they are able to see in the dark when other creatures can’t. They have a nicitating membrane that works as a set of shades in the back of the eye or they are able to see better at night. (http://www.sharksavers.org/en/education/biology/myth-sharks-have-poor-vision1/ )

If you are going out whether to the club for a night out or to the beach for a family day, think about where you are and what you are doing. If you are going to the club, who is the person that is driving home? Do you have cab fare if needed?

When you go to the beach, is there a large amount of small fish in the water? Is the water dirty looking to where you can’t see the bottom easy? Is it overly warm water for the time of year? If you don’t see a lot of people in the water, you may want to stay close to the shore.

Remember that when you go to the beach, you are a visitor to the shark’s territory and to respect them.


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