Riddle me this and riddle me that: When does Gross = Net vs. Math? The answer is painful to hear. For those who need help due to a job loss, a disability, or can’t make it without some help.

Now if you think about it, gross income is the amount of money you get before any taxes are taken out. Net income is the amount you take home after all the taxes, health insurance, and other things are taken out. So the math should be that if a person needs help the people who are hired to help others should look at the person’s Net Income, right? That is how much they have to spend so it would make sense.

Yet if you go to Social Security for assistance for your other half is disabled and make $14.00 per hour, you make too much for the person to get help. They lose their medical insurance, and it goes on.

If you need food assistance again they will look at your gross income and not your net. None of the major groups that are out there to assist people with food needs, go off gross income. skd284501sdc

So we need to change the system. We need to start looking at the net income of a person not their gross to see if they are going to need help.



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