What is honor to you?

What is honor to you? What values do you hold dear? Why do you feel that way? How do you show your values?

The reason that I ask this is simple, people don’t seem to know how to show it. I try to find things that are good in everyone and as of late it is harder to do.

The people voted with their hearts. Those that voted for Mr. Trump and those that voted for Mrs. Clinton they chose by their heart. I have heard through Twitter and news channels that President – Elect Trump, has said that he would of won the popular vote if people hadn’t voted illegally. There is no voter fraud. I heard that the people were watching the opening of the mailed in ballots to make sure that there was no ‘changes’ being made to them.

When did we lose the right to vote in private? When did it require that we had to have specific forms of ID in order to vote in person? When I think of the people who think that Mr. Trump will make things better are choosing to hide their heads in the sand. I have had conversations with people who can’t see the facts no matter what you say.

If you look at the issues with the mind of a scientist then you can see that there are too many calculations that don’t work. I try to do that as I face a problem. I have my values and put them on one side of the equation and then I look at what facts that I have. Then this is what I do as a simple equation often written down on paper.

  • Look at my values

  • Look at the facts

  • Do the facts and my values match –

  • Make a hypothesis

  • Test the different possible information

  • See what works and keep that information

  • Put the information that doesn’t work directly to a second list

  • Test the information without details

    • Add details and retest

    • If works add additional details and retest

I find that it works best if I do this. I don’t understand how others can throw their values to the side and accept the information as it is. I don’t see how they can.


The Ultimate Diet Plans…

This is a Joke— Do not attempt!!!!

Depending on how much you want to loose, you can choose but I would suggest that you make sure that you have very good health insurance first.man-shadow_pic

1. If you have a lot of money and are able to do something called cryosleep then the first one is for you. You will need a ship that can go to the center of the galaxy and find the supermassive black hole. As you get closer, you will become thin and tall. This is due to the gravity that is making you a piece of spaghetti. Then you will find that everything in your body starts going snap. This is because you get closer the gravity gets stronger and you begin to get ripped apart – so if you do this, you may not make it back.

2. If you have really good health insurance, and I mean really good health insurance and need to lose at least 300 pounds, then this is for you. Go to False Bay South Africa, and take a boat out to Dyer Island. There is a large seal colony there. Just before dawn, cut both hands make sure that the seals are in the water, playing and go out to the 40 feet deep area and jump in. A Great White (remember this is a joke) will come up and take a bite. 50 pounds gone and get to the hospital really fast.  crcfy9-wiaells_

3. If you can’t afford to go to South Africa, then go for a ride up the Amazon River. Now most people don’t think that a ride up the Amazon River would help you lose weight but it will. The Bull Shark is known to go up her, and there are the Piranha that will come up and help with the weight loss problem.piranha-eat-cows-1

4. If you need only a little bit of weight gone, when you take a shower don’t let the shampoo run down your back — wash with dish soap. Shampoo is known to ‘increase body and volume’ where dish soap is known ‘to remove fat and grease’.

5. If the doctors are saying that you need to exercise more, have a friend of yours get your favorite treat or food. Get a pick up truck and have a person sit in the back with your favorite food. In order to get it you have to catch the truck. This for about 5 to 7 miles three times a day you will lose weight especially when you find out that what they have is a dog’s squeaky toy and the food is still in the store 4 miles away.

The Ancient Ones… Oracles

Why were the Oracles so important in Ancient Greece? Why were the Priest so important in Ancient Egypt? Why were the Priest so important in the Mayan culture? In a simple word … the Gods.

In each of the cultures and even the modern religions of today, that is the way things are. If you look at the Oracles of Ancient Greece, they supported an entire community. The way that it worked was that you had to pay to see the Oracles, often having to bring gifts of devotion, pay the person who would lead you to the Oracle as well as tell them what the question was. By the time that you had gotten to see her, several people had gotten paid and she knew why you were there. Often when the Oracles went into trances and the Gods spoke through them, a priest would have to write down what was said and then the person would get it and have to make a choice on what it said.

Perhaps one of the most famous prophecies uttered by the Oracle of Delphi is that of Croesus’ defeat by the Persian Empire. According to Herodotus, Croesus, the king of the Lydians wanted to know if he should wage war on the fledgling Persian Empire. The reply he got was that he would destroy a great empire if he attacked Persia. Satisfied with this answer, Croesus prepared to invade Persia. Little did Croesus know that the ‘great empire’ referred to by the Oracle was not that of Persia, but his own. ( http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/pythia-oracle-delphi-001641 ) As you can see the wrong choice was made.

In Ancient Egypt, the Priest were the ones that took the offerings that people gave to the Gods. Sometimes it was in foods, other times it was other things. They thought that the Pharaoh was the living embodiment of Horus, one of the Gods. The Gods represented everything in Ancient Egypt. The sun, the moon, the family, the Nile River, all were associated with Gods. The Pharaoh was a direct connection to the Gods. If the Nile flooded worse than expected the Ancient Egyptians thought that the Gods had been offended somehow. The best example of this in the scroll known as ‘The Book of the Dead’.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of spells which enable the soul of the deceased to navigate the afterlife. The famous title was given the work by western scholars; the actual title would translate as The Book of Coming Forth by Day or Spells for Going Forth by Day.  http://www.ancient.eu/Egyptian_Book_of_the_Dead/ ) They were each indiviually created for the person if they could afford it. ‘The afterlife was considered to be a continuation of life on earth and, after one had passed through various difficulties and judgment in the Hall of Truth, a paradise which was a perfect reflection of one’s life on earth. After the soul had been justified in the Hall of Truth it passed on to cross over Lily Lake to rest in the Field of Reeds where one would find all that one had lost in life and could enjoy it eternally. In order to reach that paradise, however, one needed to know where to go, how to address certain gods, what to say at certain times, and how to comport one’s self in the land of the dead; which is why one would find an afterlife manual extremely useful.’ ( http://www.ancient.eu/Egyptian_Book_of_the_Dead/ )tut-cartouche

The Mayan beliefs were that the Gods needed blood to live. The ball courts that are found in each of the Mayan cities is a game that was to represent the movement of the sun. It was also deadly. In most cases it was just the losing team that was sacrificed but on some occasions both teams were sacrificed to the gods. The King was also one that would do sacrifices to the Gods in times of special needs.

The Maya participated in various religious rituals. Not all of these were related to human sacrifice, although sacrifice was a common practice in religious ceremonies. Contrary to popular belief, ritual sacrifice was not restricted to the gruesome death of a poor captive. While this did happen in the Maya world on a few occasions, it was a relatively rare occurrence. By far the most common sacrifice ritual was bloodletting.


Bloodletting is precisely as it sounds, the spilling of blood as a practice of sacrifice. In the case of the Maya, bloodletting was constrained to the royal line. The gods demanded blood because of the initial creation where the gods spilled their blood in order to give life to humanity. Also, but not as often, bloodletting was performed in order to communicate with ancestors.

The practice of bloodletting marked significant dates in the Maya world. Royals participating in the practice would spend, sometimes, days performing purification rituals in order to prepare for bloodletting. Both men and women of royal lineages were expected to perform these rituals. Maya kings and queens would participate in varying forms of bloodletting, even making sacred tools to perform the ritual. Blood was usually taken from different parts of the body with specialized tools designed to produce more blood and perhaps more pain as well. The tools were typically made of stingray spines and adorned with different glyphs to show their religious significance. One frightful instance of sacrifice noted by Rubalcaba described how women, typically royal women, would use a thorned rope to pierce their tongue and draw blood to scatter over Maya icons. Men, on the other hand, would do the same, except on the penis rather than the tongue.’  ( http://www.ancient.eu/Maya_Religion/ )

With the monotheositic religion of today, we have lost something and in my opinion what we have lost is a connection to the planet. We live here and need to show the respect that she deserves.


Same Old Situation…

If you’re going around in circles and not getting anywhere, maybe you should change your outlook on life? Do you want to be the best or a mindless machine? Where did we lose the free spirit of our youth?

You know the kind I am talking about, the one that didn’t need anyone to make them feel good. There was no need to be the best unless you wanted to. The kind that listened to groups like Motley Crue, AC/DC, Van Halen and had fun.

I remember the first time my mom saw the cover for’Poison’s LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN’… She honestly thought they were women with too much makeup on. I can still remember the shock on her face when I began to read the band members names off. 😂.

I have always resonated with the bands that felt like the concert is a party and they are nothing more than the host of the party. If you go to YouTube, you can see the ones that are really having fun. Tommy Lee doing a barrel roll with the drum set and being strapped in to where he keeps playing is fun to watch. Jon BonJovi flying over the crowd. David Lee Roth playing with Eddie Van Halen on stage, you can see that they are having fun.

So how did we go from ‘Twisted Sister’ to elevator music? When do we lose the ability to have fun?

Confused… council needed…

Ever feel like you need a full council to try to figure out what is going on in the world today? Ever want to rewind time and start things over? What about the fact that history repeats?

When big business gets into politics what are we supposed to think? How many of us remember our history? When a person makes deals with everyone they can’t keep all of them, can they? This is happened before and we had problems of a major sort. The type that caused a World War and ended up with approximately 48,231,700 dead. ( http://warchronicle.com/numbers/WWII/deaths.htm ) Let’s look at the way that it started.

When the First World War Ended there was confusion in Germany and then the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP (Nazi) party. When they were raising money, they would promise the party that they were courting whatever they wanted. This sounds somewhat familiar with the groups today. Super Pacs, the family’s with more money than they can spend, and people wanting things.

Terror getting used, pointing the finger at other groups, saying that some aren’t real citizens of this country. Same as the 1930’s. But people say I am paranoid.

This describes it best of what I feel. I am not a prophet, I am not an oracle I am a person who sees through different lenses than most. ‘The Oracle: Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading. I see death.’http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0242653/quotes ) Now some might say that is a morbid way of looking at things but do you see and hear what is coming at us full speed?  ‘Agent Smith: Wait. I’ve seen this. I stand here, right here, and I’m supposed to say something. I say, “Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.” [pause] Agent Smith: What? What did I just say? ‘ ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0242653/quotes ) The fact is that if we don’t adapt and stop the darkness we will see it spread.

One doesn’t have to fight for many, with money doing the talking if we worked as a collective then we could overpower the large money. Think of it this way, if in the next election there was a little-known person who honestly stood for what several people believed and had the true qualifications for the job if you put $50.00 in for their campaign, and your neighbors did and their friends did and it kept going you could out do the big money and show what the people want and not what big money wants.

It’s getting stronger
Can’t wait any longer
They woke the beast from sleeping
Now how the quicksand deepens
Better get up, get off your knees!
Open eyes will see
See it?
Throw down the gauntlet
Let go of the tourniquet
We’ve seen the bleeding deceivers
And the hemorrhaging believers
Take the money, take your soul
It’s time for heads to roll!
Oh, I can feel it, feel it!
They’ve stepped over the line
One too many times now…
They’re gonna feel it
They’re gonna feel it
In spray paint verses
It’s written everywhere
The rich will lie and say they care
As the middle class pays the lion’s share
Follow the money
Watch where it goes
It’s what you’ve always known
Can you see it?
Can you see it?
They’ve stepped over the line
For the last time now…
They’re gonna feel it
Dark money runs the president
Dark money fuels the government
Dark money is the way it’s done
Dark money will determine who has won
Dark money — everywhere you turn
Dark money has no concern
Dark money — and we wonder where it ends
It never ends
It never ends
It never ends
It never ends
We’re Wi-Fi connected
And those elected
Must follow demands of what the masses say
And play the game by the rules of today
Retribution is at hand
We’ve see it all
We’ve see it all
Can you see it?
Can you see it?
They’ve stepped over the line
Can you see it?
Over the line
Can you see it?
One too many times now…
Can you see it?
Dark money runs the president
Dark money fuels the government
Dark money is the way it’s done
Dark money will determine who has won

The song above is called ‘Dark Money’ by Geoff Tate ( http://genius.com/Geoff-tate-dark-money-lyrics ) We can cause the change if we try.  We have been doing it in small forms for years:

Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown
Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time
Too bad, people say what’s wrong with the kids today
I tell you right now they’ve got nothing to lose

They’re building EMPIRE!

Johnny used to work after school
At the cinema show
Gotta hustle if he wants an education
Yeah he’s got a long way to go
Now he’s out on the streets all day
Selling Crack to the people who pay
Got an AK-47 for his best friend
Business the American way

Eastside meets Westside downtown
No time, the walls fall down

Can’t you feel it coming? EMPIRE! Can’t you hear it calling?
Black man, trapped again. Holds his chain in his hand
Brother killing brother for the profit of another
Game point, nobody wins. Declines, right on time
What happened to the dream sublime?
Tear it all down, we’ll put it up again. Another EMPIRE?

Eastside meets Westside downtown
No time, no line, the walls fall down

Can’t you feel it coming? EMPIRE!
Can’t you hear it coming EMPIRE!
Can’t someone here stop it…??!!
Can’t you feel it coming? EMPIRE!
Can’t you hear it coming EMPIRE!
Can’t you feel it coming? EMPIRE!
Can’t you hear it coming EMPIRE!
Can’t you feel it coming? EMPIRE!
Can’t you hear it coming EMPIRE!
Can’t someone here stop it!?!?! EMPIRE!

This is a local band called Queensryche and the song is called Empire. We have been doing this behavior for ages now we need to expand it. ( http://genius.com/Queensryche-empire-lyrics )

A Lone Writer Lost In Thought

Sitting at the table, pen in my hand. Trying to get a good starting point. Thoughts racing, which way to make this story go. So many ideas. Still prefer pen and paper, makes the focus better.  

Got the idea, don’t think of spelling. Words flow like water. Pages fall to the floor, don’t care. Ideas running, a twist here, left hook there, then a breather. 

Look at my clock: 3 hours have gone by. Stretch, cigarette time, food and beverage too. Pick up the sheets of paper. A lot of them. 

Paper calling, mind is lost again. Pen in hand. Lost in never never land. Phone rings, go to voicemail. Let me write before I go nuts. 

Story done. 5 hours total. Almost 15 pages. Can edit when transferring to the computer. So tired. Forgot to eat dinner again. 

Wish I had a person who could type for me. No money to pay for it. Another story to the collection. Wish I could get paid for it. 

Must try to sleep. Brain in overtime, husband tells me ‘bedtime’ and he takes the pen from my hand. All I dream of is the story, waiting, calling, begging for more. 

Get up early. Room is cleaned up. Paper in stacks. My mind is blank, why can’t I write?

Who has the right…

Who has the right to say that a person can live due to the color of their skin? Who has the right to say that a person can have a family if they have a learning challenge? Who has the right to say that someone’s religion is wrong? Why does the hate still exist? Why do we put up with it? Why can’t we stop?

We all have certain rights that were given to us by the creator. I use the word creator due to the fact that there are more beliefs than just one and I don’t want to show disrespect to any of the religions of the world. If we look at the history of the United States there has been hate crimes for as long as the country as it has been around. When the country was first founded and the African people were brought to this country to work, there was hate in the relations at the time. When the US had the Civil War and the African people were freed from slavery, we ended up with the oldest known terrorist group in the US. They are known as the Ku Klux Klan. They wanted to keep the African people underfoot where they belong in their eyes.

We fast forward to Tulsa in the 1920’s. They had a culture to where they even had a ‘Black Wall Street’. The city was in a strange balance at that point in time. The part of Tulsa where the African people were living was a complete city within a city. They had banks that were run by African Americans, businesses that were run by African Americans, homes that were owned by African Americans, and they were doing good. In 1921 there was what some refer to as a race riot, others say that it was more. There was an incident where an African Amerian was in an elevator with a person of Caucasian skin and the elevator jolted a bit, he accidently bumped her. When the doors opened she screamed ‘rape’ (it was proven false) and everything broke lose. The Black part of the town of Tulsa was destroyed. People were killed, people were put in prison, houses were burned, businesses were destroyed, banks were destroyed all for a person making a false statement due to the color of the other person’s skin.  I ask that everyone please take a moment and visit  http://www.greenwoodculturalcenter.com/survivor-gallery

Who has the right to choose if a person has the right to have a family? If the person has a ‘challenge’ with the way they learn why should that stop them? Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell (creator of the telephone) had a learning disability? Or that Albert Einstien (famous for his Theory of Relativity) had a form of Autism? Or that Issac Newton (discovered gravity) had a stutter and epilepsy.

http://www.reddisability.org/famous-disabled/DisFamScience.htm ) There are others as well. Should they not have been able to have families? Of course not, they are some of the smartest known people in the world.

So why do we look a person’s religion and say that because they don’t believe in one of the major religions that they are wrong? Why do we assume that the monotheistic belief systems of the modern world are the only ones that are there and that anything else is wrong?

For this one, we are going to have to turn back the clocks … back before the time of the Birth of Christ … back before the time of Moses and stop. The time we are in is one when many gods were thought to rule. The Nile would flood, and Egypt was in two parts known as the Upper and Lower Egypt. They had gods for many things and everything had their other half. It was during this time that people began to understand that if they wanted to show thanks for what the river the Nile had given them in the flood, (good fertile soil, water for their plants to grow) that they should show thanks to the god that watched over the Nile River. So they made one be able to worship it. Khnum was the god’s name. ( http://www.landofpyramids.org/names-of-egyptian-gods.htm )

When Amenhotep the III passed away his son Amenhotep IV became known as Akhenaten. The reason for the name change was that Akhenaten believed in only one god, the Aten or the sun disk. He was later denounced as a heretic.  (http://www.crystalinks.com/akhenaten.html ) Now most of the religions in the world follow his lead and believe in only one god. Strange isn’t it?


Population Control … (A JOKE I PROMISE)

This is my sense of humor getting out of control — nothing more, I was asked for a funny one so this is what you get –IF ANYTHING BUGS YOU THEN REMEMBER IT IS A JOKE ONLY!!!!!

1)With as many people sitting in the prisons doing life without the chance of parole it cost a fortune to take care of them. Here is a suggestion: Put them on a boat, go up the Amazon river, find some very, very hungry piranha, cut 1 person’s hand and toss everyone overboard. You are doing more than one thing by doing this: you are controlling the prison population, crime prevention, and feeding the fish at the same time.

2) With those who have a weight control problem that is due to being inactive (not medically related), there is a simple solution to that one as well. For them to get their food for the day they have to chase it down when it is attached to a ‘Monster’ truck. Think of it. If they want to have a meal provided by a fast food location they have to be able to figure out where and when 405px-grave-digger-monster-jam-2014 will be that they can manage to get the meal out of the front seat. The driver’s challenge is to keep the food away from them for 8 hours. The person gets plenty of exercise and then gets the meal that they want.

3) For the people who feel that yelling at customer support agents on the phone and saying the extremely disrespectful things that some are known for they get wm17 their phone destroyed by one of the two gentlemen in the photo.

4) For the kids that don’t like to wake up, this is one alarm clock that they can’t turn off 140804-m-fj744-013


Myth vs Fact…

This is going to be a game of myth vs fact. We are going to see what is the myth and what is fact and how many know the difference between the two.

Here we go: 26184_1280x720

1st question: Myth or fact: Pot is the gateway drug that causes addiction to harder drugs?

Answer:  This is a myth. Anything can become an addiction. For some it is shopping, some it is caffeine, some it is a cigarette. To say that Pot is the reason that other drugs get used.

2nd question: Myth or fact: The color of a person’s skin shows the ‘value’ of a person?

Answer: Total myth! If you look at a person like Snoop Dogg or Ice-T, you see people who have made it in the entertainment industry. Yet there are towns where they would not be welcome due to the fact that their skin color is what it is.man-shadow_pic

3rd question: Myth or fact: A Great White Shark is a ‘man-eater’ and will hunt humans.

Answer: Myth, myth, myth! The Great White Shark when it is a ‘baby’ eats fish. Their mothers don’t train them when they are ready to transition to seals. So the occasional attacks on people it is most likely a ‘teen’ who isn’t sure what the person is. Sharks don’t have hands so they will ‘test bite’ and we are too boney (unless you weigh 900 pounds) and not enough fat to give the shark the energy that they need.707246

4th question: Myth or fact: History repeats itself.

Answer: Fact, history does repeat itself. While the names will change the problems will repeat. We have the ability to learn but if we ignore history we will repeat the same mistakes.dscn1409

5th question:  Myth or fact: Helping others is a good thing to do and is self-rewarding and will cause the other person to help someone with a greater appreciation of the simple act.

Answer: Fact, helping others is one of the wonderful things that doesn’t cost anything and you can feel good about yourself and the person that got the assistance will feel good too.extra20space20storage20families20living20together

The simple fact is that not everything that people think is ‘common knowledge’ is not always the best way to get the information that you need. Look deeper and ask questions. We have the gift of learning and we are able to change the behavior of ourselves.

If we get enough people to change their behavior then we get a movement going. A movement then becomes an action that the government will notice (hopefully) and things can be changed. Something as simple as walking instead of driving and helping others. We can make things work for the better and have things improve.

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