This is my feelings along with some real facts as well. To Casey (@pari_passu) on Twitter ‘Thank you for the permission to use some of your tweets’.

I was reading through some of the tweets on Twitter and Casey had some really interesting ones. The one she had that got my attention was capture

and I began to wonder if the country is under some form of a spell to have this kind of craziness to be going on. The thing that scares me is that we are going to be having trouble with the freedoms that we are given by the Constitution of the United States.


I started to think of the challenges that we have already and now statements that they are making is getting scary to me.  The people around me don’t seem to see it and I wonder how long the blinders are going to be on.

We have been there before and now we are repeating it – are we going to ever learn? Is our sanity for sale and Trump is trying to buy it through a spell?



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