Crime and Empires

Have you ever noticed that Crimes and Empires seem to run hand in hand? I was listening to Queensryche’s Empire and something has always stood out to me. They talk about how people are suffering trying to get the American Dream. Yet people don’t see that the dream is being destroyed in the process. (

It dawned on me that it seems to be a repeating pattern through history, the higher class makes the money and those who are in the middle or lower class pay the lion’s share of not only the taxes, but those who go into the Armed Forces, work harder and yet seemed to get punished for trying to make it.

When we think that things are getting better, they aren’t always so. I don’t understand how people can complain about everyone having medical but when it is their kids, they demand the best that we can give. People feel that everyone has certain god given rights but there are those that are told that the color of their skin makes them less than human.

We have been down this road before. So why are we willing to go through it again? The color of the skin doesn’t make the person. What is in their soul is what makes the person. The willingness to give for no other reason than to give is what is important.



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