I honestly wonder what would happen if all the cell phones and tablets stopped working on the planet? How would the kids today get information? Would they know what a library is and how to find a book? dscn1409

The reason that I ask this is I have seen most of my apartment complex lose it when the power goes out and they can’t play a video game or watch their favorite TV show. And when I say lose it, it is full on freak outs! Now I am old enough to remember when there were only three channels and the easiest way to have your night messed up was if there was a breaking news story! It was on every channel!  26184_1280x720

There are so many things that kids take for granted that it is hard for me to understand. I remember having to have the correct change for a pay phone so we could call home and let our parents know if we were going to be late.

I wonder what would happen if some of the kids today were told a simple two letter word ‘NO’. Much against the myth, they won’t blow up. They throw fits and say all sorts of things but if parents stood their ground and said the answer was no then they would get over it.fb_img_1426490262683

I know that technology is a good thing but when the kids don’t respect it then they need to lose it for a while.  Why aren’t they forced to do chores anymore? I had one person honestly tell me that it child abuse for a young child to have to take the garbage out. The child is 6 and the garbage can is at the end of the driveway behind the church which is 50 feet. (I need help figuring this one out … Please!)

I know that the world has changed from when I grew up but the simple fact is that I had chores and I learned the hard way that people don’t blow up when told that they can’t have something that they want. I remember having to work and earn the money for a pair of name brand jeans. (Levi 501) but now kids expect to get them.

I heard one kid in the store one time tell their parents that they didn’t love them because they wouldn’t get them a new iPad! (WTF?!) I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What happened next blew my mind. The parents gave in to the temper tantrum and got it for the kid.fb_img_1426894116157

Can someone please tell me what is going on with the kids today? Are they scared to hear the word no? Do they feel that the world owes them something?  I have kids (they are in their 20’s now) and people don’t understand why I thought it was necessary for them to have chores. I grew up in a very old school world and we had chores and discipline for when we got in trouble.fb_img_1426490194517

Maybe parents should go back to that (personal feeling here) and then the kids would wake up and understand that things aren’t free.


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