What is the myth and what is real about sharks? Are they dangerous or misunderstood? What is the truth about Megladon? Did they go extinct or are they a Lazarus Taxon? Could climate change have brought them out of the deep? What is the truth? Why do we have the impressions that we do?

First off: my love for sharks started when my father let me watch Jaws as a kid. I became addicted to sharks and as my husband can tell you, I am very addicted to sharks.

I am addicted to learning something new. I am one of those people who has books in the house and will sit around reading and be taking notes on what is important to me. I love to find the strange things and ask why.

Sharks are some of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. They are apex predators and we need to have them in the oceans or our planet will get out of balance. If our planet is out of balance then we have bigger problems than we can afford.

Here are some basic facts and the links to go with them.

Could climate change bring these things closer to people and would they be a danger to us? Climate change could bring the animals closer to us but humans are not on the menu. We are too bony and the Great White need the fuel from the fat to keep it’s body temp up.

 We need to be smart about what we do in the world or we may have problems down the road.


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