This is going to be a game of myth vs fact. We are going to see what is the myth and what is fact and how many know the difference between the two.

Here we go: 26184_1280x720

1st question: Myth or fact: Pot is the gateway drug that causes addiction to harder drugs?

Answer:  This is a myth. Anything can become an addiction. For some it is shopping, some it is caffeine, some it is a cigarette. To say that Pot is the reason that other drugs get used.

2nd question: Myth or fact: The color of a person’s skin shows the ‘value’ of a person?

Answer: Total myth! If you look at a person like Snoop Dogg or Ice-T, you see people who have made it in the entertainment industry. Yet there are towns where they would not be welcome due to the fact that their skin color is what it

3rd question: Myth or fact: A Great White Shark is a ‘man-eater’ and will hunt humans.

Answer: Myth, myth, myth! The Great White Shark when it is a ‘baby’ eats fish. Their mothers don’t train them when they are ready to transition to seals. So the occasional attacks on people it is most likely a ‘teen’ who isn’t sure what the person is. Sharks don’t have hands so they will ‘test bite’ and we are too boney (unless you weigh 900 pounds) and not enough fat to give the shark the energy that they need.707246

4th question: Myth or fact: History repeats itself.

Answer: Fact, history does repeat itself. While the names will change the problems will repeat. We have the ability to learn but if we ignore history we will repeat the same mistakes.dscn1409

5th question:  Myth or fact: Helping others is a good thing to do and is self-rewarding and will cause the other person to help someone with a greater appreciation of the simple act.

Answer: Fact, helping others is one of the wonderful things that doesn’t cost anything and you can feel good about yourself and the person that got the assistance will feel good too.extra20space20storage20families20living20together

The simple fact is that not everything that people think is ‘common knowledge’ is not always the best way to get the information that you need. Look deeper and ask questions. We have the gift of learning and we are able to change the behavior of ourselves.

If we get enough people to change their behavior then we get a movement going. A movement then becomes an action that the government will notice (hopefully) and things can be changed. Something as simple as walking instead of driving and helping others. We can make things work for the better and have things improve.


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