Population Control … (A JOKE I PROMISE)

This is my sense of humor getting out of control — nothing more, I was asked for a funny one so this is what you get –IF ANYTHING BUGS YOU THEN REMEMBER IT IS A JOKE ONLY!!!!!

1)With as many people sitting in the prisons doing life without the chance of parole it cost a fortune to take care of them. Here is a suggestion: Put them on a boat, go up the Amazon river, find some very, very hungry piranha, cut 1 person’s hand and toss everyone overboard. You are doing more than one thing by doing this: you are controlling the prison population, crime prevention, and feeding the fish at the same time.

2) With those who have a weight control problem that is due to being inactive (not medically related), there is a simple solution to that one as well. For them to get their food for the day they have to chase it down when it is attached to a ‘Monster’ truck. Think of it. If they want to have a meal provided by a fast food location they have to be able to figure out where and when 405px-grave-digger-monster-jam-2014 will be that they can manage to get the meal out of the front seat. The driver’s challenge is to keep the food away from them for 8 hours. The person gets plenty of exercise and then gets the meal that they want.

3) For the people who feel that yelling at customer support agents on the phone and saying the extremely disrespectful things that some are known for they get wm17 their phone destroyed by one of the two gentlemen in the photo.

4) For the kids that don’t like to wake up, this is one alarm clock that they can’t turn off 140804-m-fj744-013



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