Who has the right…

Who has the right to say that a person can live due to the color of their skin? Who has the right to say that a person can have a family if they have a learning challenge? Who has the right to say that someone’s religion is wrong? Why does the hate still exist? Why do we put up with it? Why can’t we stop?

We all have certain rights that were given to us by the creator. I use the word creator due to the fact that there are more beliefs than just one and I don’t want to show disrespect to any of the religions of the world. If we look at the history of the United States there has been hate crimes for as long as the country as it has been around. When the country was first founded and the African people were brought to this country to work, there was hate in the relations at the time. When the US had the Civil War and the African people were freed from slavery, we ended up with the oldest known terrorist group in the US. They are known as the Ku Klux Klan. They wanted to keep the African people underfoot where they belong in their eyes.

We fast forward to Tulsa in the 1920’s. They had a culture to where they even had a ‘Black Wall Street’. The city was in a strange balance at that point in time. The part of Tulsa where the African people were living was a complete city within a city. They had banks that were run by African Americans, businesses that were run by African Americans, homes that were owned by African Americans, and they were doing good. In 1921 there was what some refer to as a race riot, others say that it was more. There was an incident where an African Amerian was in an elevator with a person of Caucasian skin and the elevator jolted a bit, he accidently bumped her. When the doors opened she screamed ‘rape’ (it was proven false) and everything broke lose. The Black part of the town of Tulsa was destroyed. People were killed, people were put in prison, houses were burned, businesses were destroyed, banks were destroyed all for a person making a false statement due to the color of the other person’s skin.  I ask that everyone please take a moment and visit  http://www.greenwoodculturalcenter.com/survivor-gallery

Who has the right to choose if a person has the right to have a family? If the person has a ‘challenge’ with the way they learn why should that stop them? Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell (creator of the telephone) had a learning disability? Or that Albert Einstien (famous for his Theory of Relativity) had a form of Autism? Or that Issac Newton (discovered gravity) had a stutter and epilepsy.

http://www.reddisability.org/famous-disabled/DisFamScience.htm ) There are others as well. Should they not have been able to have families? Of course not, they are some of the smartest known people in the world.

So why do we look a person’s religion and say that because they don’t believe in one of the major religions that they are wrong? Why do we assume that the monotheistic belief systems of the modern world are the only ones that are there and that anything else is wrong?

For this one, we are going to have to turn back the clocks … back before the time of the Birth of Christ … back before the time of Moses and stop. The time we are in is one when many gods were thought to rule. The Nile would flood, and Egypt was in two parts known as the Upper and Lower Egypt. They had gods for many things and everything had their other half. It was during this time that people began to understand that if they wanted to show thanks for what the river the Nile had given them in the flood, (good fertile soil, water for their plants to grow) that they should show thanks to the god that watched over the Nile River. So they made one be able to worship it. Khnum was the god’s name. ( http://www.landofpyramids.org/names-of-egyptian-gods.htm )

When Amenhotep the III passed away his son Amenhotep IV became known as Akhenaten. The reason for the name change was that Akhenaten believed in only one god, the Aten or the sun disk. He was later denounced as a heretic.  (http://www.crystalinks.com/akhenaten.html ) Now most of the religions in the world follow his lead and believe in only one god. Strange isn’t it?



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