What is honor to you? What values do you hold dear? Why do you feel that way? How do you show your values?

The reason that I ask this is simple, people don’t seem to know how to show it. I try to find things that are good in everyone and as of late it is harder to do.

The people voted with their hearts. Those that voted for Mr. Trump and those that voted for Mrs. Clinton they chose by their heart. I have heard through Twitter and news channels that President – Elect Trump, has said that he would of won the popular vote if people hadn’t voted illegally. There is no voter fraud. I heard that the people were watching the opening of the mailed in ballots to make sure that there was no ‘changes’ being made to them.

When did we lose the right to vote in private? When did it require that we had to have specific forms of ID in order to vote in person? When I think of the people who think that Mr. Trump will make things better are choosing to hide their heads in the sand. I have had conversations with people who can’t see the facts no matter what you say.

If you look at the issues with the mind of a scientist then you can see that there are too many calculations that don’t work. I try to do that as I face a problem. I have my values and put them on one side of the equation and then I look at what facts that I have. Then this is what I do as a simple equation often written down on paper.

  • Look at my values

  • Look at the facts

  • Do the facts and my values match –

  • Make a hypothesis

  • Test the different possible information

  • See what works and keep that information

  • Put the information that doesn’t work directly to a second list

  • Test the information without details

    • Add details and retest

    • If works add additional details and retest

I find that it works best if I do this. I don’t understand how others can throw their values to the side and accept the information as it is. I don’t see how they can.


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