Reality Check …. Please!!!

As 2016 comes to a close, I am begging for a Reality Check. There is so much that I know is out there that people are blind to see. We need to wake up and see the truth that is sending us to the edge of the cliff.

When we look at 2016 we can see that as the presidential race was going it was a rather strange one. The Republican’s had almost 20 people that wanted to run against one person, Hillary Clinton. So they are scared of someone who knows how to do the job. The person that was chosen Donald Trump. This is where things go from bad to worse.

First off you need learn the difference between the truth and the crap. I am sorry but I am going to be blunt on this. At one point he said that people should like him due to his ‘German’ blood. {This was on Twitter}. He has no common sense on what is happening to the ‘common people’.

When I refer to the common people, I am talking about the people who work for a living. They live in apartments and have to figure out how to get everything that their family needs. Often they are the single parent who has to do the best that they can to make it. Then there are those who are disabled and need to be able to get assistance and aren’t able to.

If you listen to this article you will find out what the GOP feels about food assistance The “food stamp fraud” farce via @msnbc In the article they are saying that there is fraud on food assistance… have they ever tried to get on them? There is no way that you can cheat the system due to the fact that you have to get things signed by your boss, provide copies of your pay stubs, show everything in detail on how you are making it.

Now let’s look at the person who is the ‘President Elect’. Donald Trump grandfather got thrown out of Germany due to his lack of willingness to do military service.( ) So we see a pattern here. His Grandfather wasn’t willing to serve in the military and when it comes to Mr. Trump he was able to avoid service with 4 college deferments and once for bad feet. ( ) Yet he feels that he has the ability to run the United States Military.

Mr. Trump has chosen not to release his tax records, why? Could it be that it would show that he isn’t as rich as he claims? Could it be that he doesn’t want it known about the companies that he let go bankrupt? ( )

We need to see who is wanting to run this country and why it is important? We need to see the truth. We are in danger. There is a quote from  Heinrich Heine that we need to remember. He said in the 1930’s “Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” (

We are in trouble people, big trouble.


Health vs Wealth

What is more important to you, your health or your wealth? What if I said that both were of vital but different? Why is it that those with the wealth get the best health care? Why is it that those who give the most are getting the worst?


I see people who are trying to make it and end up losing jobs due to a person getting sick. I have seen those who are disabled get turned away from jobs due to the fact that they can’t do something. I have seen people that are more than qualified for jobs that get told they don’t qualify and when they ask why they get no answer. I wish this was easier to say but employers are still using people’s disabilities against them.


I have been told that I don’t qualify for jobs and when I asked why, they told me that they found someone that was more qualified. This is for the same type of jobs that I had held for ages. I had a person call my former employer and act like they wanted to hire me and try to get a reference. They were told that the company would hire me back – for a different location and different part of the company but not for the job that I had. When asked why they let me go, they said that they couldn’t tell the person but I was a challenge.


A challenge? Let’s see … I am disabled, so that would be a challenge. I asked questions on things that didn’t match up, that could be a challenge. So why was I let go? Because they said that I was making too many ‘mistakes’ however the mistakes that they said I was making were directly related to me asking questions and my disability.


So when I ask what is more important, your health or your wealth? The answer should be your health. You can’t take your money with you to the other side. You can’t take the newest car to the other side. All you can take is your heart and hope that you can make it to the final resting place.


We need to think of things in a different way. The reason is that our medical system is in danger. Our jobs are in danger. People who have disabilities are often found to be at the bottom of the pile when looking at getting hired. They are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to getting good places to live, or getting good medical. Some of these people could do so much for the world but they are outside the normal so they are stuck in the bottom of the pile. They need to be seen for what they are – people that can do things that others don’t see.


El Diablo Negro

Welcome to the Wild World of Mythology

This one may seem odd to you but there is a reason that I am doing it on this page. We all know that sharks are one of the scariest things out there in the waters but why? Why do we fear them so much? What makes them the terror that we want to run from?

El Diablo Negro is one of the many myths that we have about sharks that most think are just local superstitions. The fact is that myths seem to come from fact. The myth is that El Diablo Negro (The Black Demon) is a myth down in Mexico. It is said to be a 60+ foot shark that is known to attack boats. Many of the science people say that it is a Great White but there are others who would say that it is Megalodon.


There are other myths about the sharks that are…

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Housekeeping 101

If you need to know how to do basic housekeeping then this will be easy. Get a lot of garbage bags, printer labels, a magic marker and lets go!

  • Kitchen – check the dates on the foods in the cupboards = if expired then get rid of it! Food poisoning sucks
  • Kitchen – if you have 50 thousand dishes, donate the ones you don’t need to the local thrift store (box with label and write donation in black magic marker), do the same with pots and pans and silverware
  • Clothes – if they don’t fit, are in good condition – donate! (garbage bag with label that says ‘donate’)
  • Clothes – not in good condition (holes, rips, tears) – garbage
  • Towels and bedding – same as clothes

For the political offices: if the person doesn’t have experience in the real world in the office that they are trying to get into – send them to the trash. They need to know what the real world is like in order to be able to understand the challenges that people face.

Those who are trying to get into a major Federal office – make sure they know what they are doing. If not then they should be forced to live in the real world to understand.  If a person has had a silver spoon in their mouth all the time then they don’t know how to make things work – they need to spend time in the real world.

When I say the real world – I mean limited funds, no car, living in an apartment, no credit and have to find a job and make it for a year at least in order to understand.

People who don’t understand the pain that others suffer need to see the world before they feel that they can do a job that will affect others. I wish I could make those who need to see what they are doing from the other side of the fence. Those who are suffering for the simple reason that they aren’t good enough to get the good jobs, they don’t look like the thin person that the coffee stand wants working there or they aren’t smart enough to get the job working at a good company. They are the ones that have to fight to make it.

Where is the truth?

Where do you find the truth when no one wants to hear it? Where is the peace when hate runs free? Is this the way that our world is headed? What have we to do to get attention to the problem? Do we need to stand and scream? Do we need to sit in peaceful protest?


When looking for the truth, it seems that it is harder to find than most think. People are wanting to keep their head in the sand and say that everything is fine. People don’t see the danger that is out there.

I can try to explain it but you need open eyes to see it. Try to find a copy of a book that was controversial and now it is hard to do. You might be able to find it online however it will cost you a fortune to get.

The easiest way to do this is look at the past. When we think of WWII most people think of Pearl Harbor and the Hiroshima bombs that went off to end it. But what of the camps? There are those who say that it never happened, it is a conspiracy to make Germany look bad. I have seen them in person, I have heard the fear when people are asked about the past over in Germany. They remember, so why don’t we?

I have seen in the local news emails that I get that people don’t want to accept information that is plain and true as the nose on their faces. People don’t see that with big money comes a responsibility that we need to wake up and have people take notice to. When you get a person who has the backing of one of the oldest homegrown terror groups now in a place of power … you need to wake up. When the person can’t tell the truth, how can you have them in power?

If people could see what I see, they would be more than mildly freaked out. The person that we have as President Elect has had 4 companies that have gone to bankruptcy and they are looking at running the country. They don’t think about the way that they need to learn how to communicate with rulers of other countries.

Where are we headed? What can we do? Are we stuck with trouble for the next four years? We need to see the truth … we need to see that there is danger in all forms.

We need to wake up.

I have heard people say that the camps didn’t happen or weren’t as bad as they were made out to be … they are so wrong. I was there and saw the people who had the numbers tattooed on their arms. Saw the buildings that had the bullets still in them.

We are in the danger zone.

Livable Income …

What do you consider a livable income? How much does a family that is disabled need to make it? Why are those the ones that have to suffer?

This may sound like a stupid question today but this is one that you need to read … I am hoping that you will!

In the way that the State of Washington is run and the US Government is run it seems to be that those who are disabled are being punished. This can be shown in an easy way. The information I will be using is what a person that I know has to deal with for a family of two.

The city that they live in is just outside Seattle. They live in an apartment, have a cat, and ride the bus. Their apartment complex has a 1.6 rating out of a scale of 1 – 5. Their monthly total rent including pet fee and water sewer and garbage is almost $1400.00.

When one of the people in the family was working they made $13.00 per hour Gross {please remember that}. With that amount, the other person loses their SSI ($750.00 per month) and their medical through the SSI program. The rent assistance program that they go through makes their rent approx $650.00 per month.

The person loses their job due to challenges that they are having due to their disability. They have to go onto Unemployment and their other half is told that ‘The person who gets Unemployment and Veteran’s benefits makes too much Gross  for them to get their SSI back’.

Let’s do some math right now. As you can see I keep putting the word Gross in Italics – this is the reason why. Everything that SSI, the housing assistance, food assistance and every other type of assistance says it goes off the Gross income.

The Veteran gets $275.00 (using approximate amounts to protect the person) per month. They were getting $310.00 per week (again approximate) gross on unemployment. This totals to $1515.00 Gross per month. When they working the person got $13.00 per hour and worked about 35 hours a week so their monthly Gross  income was $2095.00.

So when they were working the United States Social Security Department felt that for a family of 2 that $2095.00 before taxes is enough to live on.

When the person was on Unemployment the United States Social Security Department felt for a family of 2 that $1515.00  before taxes is enough to live on.

Then you add in the standard bills of rent ($650.00) internet and phone ($120.00) cell phone due to contract ($145.00) and household items.

They get $175.00 in food assistance when the person goes on Unemployment.

Are you still with me? I hope so…

When the person who was getting the Unemployment runs out of that and hasn’t gotten a job – they have been told that they are ‘not qualified’ for just about every job they try for. Their health is failing so they decide to try to get on SSDI and get their other half’s SSI back.

Social Security tells them that it has been over a year and therefore the person will need to reapply and then it will take about 6 months for a decision.

The State of Washington says that since they have no kids that they can’t get cash assistance due to the fact that they make too much in the Veteran’s benefits to qualify. They are told that the total that the state would help them with is $248.00 per month for a family of two with no kids while they are trying to get on SSDI and SSI.

The housing group drops their portion of their rent to $150.00 per month but they still have as part of the rent the w/s/g and pet fee to pay so it is actually $250.00. They are getting $350 in food assistance.

Anyone frustrated yet? 

This is what is happening to the people in the State of Washington who have been willing to serve the Armed Services and tried to work. They are being punished. At this time they are still waiting for an answer on the SSI and are having to appeal the SSDI denial due to the fact that the VA Medical Center has been slow with paperwork and so Social Security chose to deny them and they are having to apply.

Is this what the country feels is OK for the people who don’t have a silver spoon in their mouth?

Does Gold have to Glitter?

This is one that I think several may have questions on. There is a poem from ‘Lord of The Rings’ that I would like you to consider for a moment.

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.” J.R.R. Tolkien wrote this and to this day there are those who don’t fully understand it.


To me it seems that he is trying to tell us that not everything is what it seems. A homeless person on the street could be many things: a veteran, a working person who lost everything in a divorce, a drug addict, a person who has a wonderful mind but doesn’t know how to explain what they see.

If you look at the world with open eyes and an open heart you might see there is more there than buildings and fancy dress. The people who chose to look for things, may see them in way that is different that what you do. I have seen younger people (20’s) who if you took their electronic devices away wouldn’t know how to do most things. I have seen people who have looked at me like I am out of time due to the fact that I don’t have a bluetooth in one ear and are talking on my cell phone a million miles a minute. I am not lost, I want to hear what is going on around me.


Another of J.R.R. Tolkien’s sayings that seems to hit home with me is: “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” The problem is that at times we need to just wander. Just go for a walk, not because we forgot something at the store, not because we have to get the boss’s coffee, just go to a park and wander around. Watch the kids at play. Smell the air. Listen to the real world.


“What does your heart tell you? ” To me if you don’t listen to your heart, you’re missing what is important. A best friend may know when you are hurting even when you haven’t told anyone. A person in danger may find the strength to keep going.

Everything is a point of view. In the books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ the one thing that seems to repeat is that friendship is more important than many things. With friendship you can do anything, conquer the highest mountain or deepest cave, that friendship will be a light that can help you through.

“Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”

Be Careful of what you wish for or you may end up on a journey that you don’t understand.

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Ignoring the Real Spending Problem

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Perhaps the biggest spending problem present in our current budget predicament is the tax policy that has been increasing income and wealth inequality in this country for more than thirty years – beginning with the Reagan Administration. Taxing capital gains and dividend income at rates lower than that for other forms of income for most taxpayers has disproportionately benefitted the wealthy throughout this time period, especially as wages and salaries have stagnated for the vast majority of Americans.

The main justification for this disparate treatment of capital gains and dividend income vs. traditional wage/salary income has been that it encourages capital accumulation to start and expand businesses, creating jobs and growing the economy as a whole. What has happened has not shown that this is how the accumulated funds have been spent at all. Many good paying manufacturing jobs have been relocated to countries with weaker labor laws earning lower…

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The Voices

When someone says that they hear voices, what is your first reaction? Do you think they are a freak of nature? Are they a prophet? What are they to you?

When I hear the voices I hear the multitude of those that have been forgotten. The homeless, the oppressed, the depressed ones, the forgotten, and the misunderstood. I want to be their voice. I want to be able to have them be heard.

Some say that it is the old school in me that cares so much but the fact is that without a voice we don’t have a chance to change the world. When one voice gets held back then it becomes two and then ten and then the entire country is being held back.  When a country is held back then how can change happen? That is what we need right now is change.

We are looking at a time when living on the ‘Wild Side’ might be the answer to what is going on. When you look at the news lately it seems that is where we are headed. We have people that seem to be building empires out of their names and not caring about those who are truly getting hurt in the process. fear-is-the-mind-killer-dune

I think about some of the songs on my favorites playlist on YouTube and they describe me so well that it isn’t funny at times. Most of the songs talk about being a little different, and at the same time they want to get a message across.

I have tried to get others to see the danger and they don’t seem to want to. They tell me that I need to be more normal. What is normal? What makes my voice different than anyone else’s? Or is it the message that I am putting out that is the problem?

I have seen the damage that the blinders can do  when someone doesn’t want to see what is right in front of you. I have seen what the ‘normal’ reaction is to the way people treat others and it is hard to imagine being that way.

I have been told that I was born in the wrong time of the world. The reason is that I can’t stand it when I see people making the choice to hurt others. While I know that peace isn’t always the best way but does blood shed always have to happen to make those with power happy?


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