Here we go again…

Everyone has a right to say what is on their mind. The thing that worries me is that some people are saying things that in my opinion are nothing but ‘hate speech’. I have been trying to figure out how they think and I am still confused.

The people who are saying that the US is for the ‘white race’ need to understand that all humans came from the same place. There is no place where the ‘Eurpean’ people came from that is separate from the people who are of a different color or different religious belief. We all started in the warmer climates and then spread out over the planet.

People who have pale skin tone, have a genetic alteration due to where they came from. When people got to the colder parts of the planet, this light skin came in handy to make vitamin D. Dark skin doesn’t let the sun in and the creation of vitamin D wouldn’t happen.

I wish others can understand what I am saying.


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