Ever wonder if you are dreaming or a wake? When I am wanting to sleep my mind will often say that it is time to wake up. When I have things to do it is just the opposite. Now I see the people that don’t understand the way that this country should work. I see the people who should have to go back to school and relearn history.

I have seen people that are willing to say that it is OK for a person who has a different skin color to be put in a lesser status than others. I am hearing that they want nothing more than the US should be made for the ‘European White’ country only. Others say that some religions should be ban from the country. I don’t understand why they would think something that hasn’t worked in the past will work in the 21st century. riskisreality-safety-is-a-myth

I often feel like I am running from the things that I hear. I am not one to run from a challenge however it has gotten a bit out of control as of late. I see people who have more money and houses than one family needs and others are barely making it. I don’t understand it. If there are two people with a lot of money why do they need to have 7 houses, and complain that the people are taking money out of their pockets when they need it for their families who have billions.

I see those who don’t understand the way things go. Little kids who feel that they have to pay for gifts. They are the young and innocent that don’t know better. I give from my heart and those that I chose to give to are those that I see in need. A child who could use a ‘special’ blanket, a veteran that needs to stay warm for a night. But I don’t have a lot of money – so why am I different than those with money?the-matrix-the-matrix-23939845-1360-768


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