Cost vs. Value…

When you have a job there is always a cost over a value. I listen (due to vision fun – Not!) to Twitter and some of the things that I hear are really a pain to me. When people want to complain about how someone used to behave over how they do now it is understandable, but look at the cost vs. the value of what is being said. I am stating my feelings and personal understanding of the situation that is all here.

One of the people that I follow is Nikki Sixx and this evening I found this conversation going on:

Nikki Sixx: ‘I’ve been getting offers to do some gallery showings and I think I am just about ready.Maybe even a coffee table book? (

(@gtarplyr56 )I liked you better when you were on heroin. You didn’t talk so much about politics.If you don’t like America,get the hell out.

(Nikki Sixx)Make Heroin Great Again, Right Bob?’

Now this is what I don’t understand, Mr. Sixx has cleaned up his act and this person has the choice to say something like that. Why did he feel it was necessary to open mouth and insert foot up to thigh and forget to chew on something before writing that.

We have all made mistakes, choices that we have wished we could take back but here is the interesting part: if we change for the better as Mr. Sixx has by leaving the drugs behind then he has learned from the mistakes.

Trust me we have all done it. Mine was being young and stupid and getting drunk. It nearly cost me my life. So we have to make mistakes to learn – got that part.

Now the next part is what to do with what we learn. When President Elect (going to be scared to deal with) Trump gets upset when Saturday Night Live (better known as SNL) makes fun of him – he needs a thicker skin.

Saturday Night Live has been around since at least President Ford. I remember watching Chevy Chase imitate him and then recently hearing that President Ford gave him a compliment on the way Chevy Chase portrayed him on the show. I have seen Sarah Palin on there as well as people like WWE Wrestlers. The entire point of SNL is to have fun. They have been doing it since October 11, 1975.

Now if a person doesn’t like something then they should not watch it, avoid it, do something else. It is something that makes sense. I don’t like the smell of something, then I am not going to buy it (common sense here).

So we have two parts to the equation. Learn from our mistakes, alter behavior if we find something offensive, so what is the third part – it is something called looking at the cost over value. If going to a less expensive store will save you money due to a limited income, you may not want to but altering the behavior  will mean that what you have is going to last longer.

So people need to do the math and wake up – it has been proven that the world doesn’t revolve around them, we have a rather long ‘cosmic address’ and the first line isn’t {Insert name here} it is Earth.



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