WTF- Trump is Getting Dangerous

I am listening to Rachel Maddow on the web and we have a problem. This is my personal feelings only – I will document with information that can be looked into. 

We as the United States see the people of Taiwan, as being part of China. The US government started to see the government of China back in 1979 by President Carter. ( ) Until that time we had seen the government of Taiwan as the government of China. ( )  {12/2/2016} We wouldn’t see the Communist party in China for almost 30 years.  It was President Nixon in 1972 to go and visit the leader of China named to Mao.

On the 2nd of December President – Elect chose to make a call to the President of Taiwan. Then he felt it was a good thing that he did it. The thing is that he is doing things that is seriously messed up. He isn’t taking daily briefing and he isn’t even getting the information on the basic internet before making phone calls.

The last time that we had a government leaders that was taking the silverware drawer out and flip it upside down and see what happens we had major problem. There are several problems with the way that things are being done. The last series of people that were in high positions of power that have done it were people like Stalin,Hitler, Mussolini, Emperor Hirohito and they have caused major problems. We have had major amounts of dead. ( )

We are having to deal with the fact that President –Elect that are having rallies done. We have had this behavior before and we are having this going on.


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