When you are sleeping

When you are sleeping,do you remember your dreams? Are they real to you? Do you think that there is any danger when you sleep? 

Most people think that movies like ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ are pure fiction but there was a series of events that happened in the Japanese community from the 1970’s where a group of young people died in their sleep. These kids were doing almost anything to stay awake.

When you get a nightmare, are you available to stay in control? Do you know the difference between a regular nightmare and a night terror? The fact that there are different types of nightmares is the first thing we need to understand. 

I have seen people who have regular nightmares as well as night terrors. It was strange to watch them. The person who had a regular nightmare was able to wake themselves up. The person who had the night terrors would fight in their sleep, scream out, and would be so scared that they would be unable to go back to sleep.

People who have these are often not able to focus at times that they have the terrors. 

We  need to find a better way than prescription drugs to help them to sleep and at the same time be able to wake themselves up when the terrors hit.

If you have night terrors, I am sorry due to the lack of sleep is hard for you. I do understand and feel the pain that you are going through. 


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