Never Again…

How many times have we said ‘Never Again’? How many times has the United States had to back those words with our Service members blood? How many times do we have to fight for the innocent? Are we going to do this again?

We said ‘Never Again’ when the World War 1 had destroyed so many people by poison gas. We said ‘Never Again’ when Pearl Harbor happened. We said ‘Never Again’ when we found the camps with the millions dead. We said ‘Never Again’ after 9/11. Now we have a problem … most people don’t see it. The President Elect is causing a lot problems for people.

There have statements that The President Elect has said on Twitter that people should trust him due to his German Blood. This is a red flag for me. The fact that there have been repeated verbal attack more than once due to the fact that the President Elect didn’t like someone or what they said.

I have heard people as of late saying things that are insane to me. I have heard them saying that the Holocaust never happened, that it was a conspiracy to make Germans look bad and that we fought on the wrong side.

I wonder where they get their history from. I have seen the camps, met the survivors and still people try to tell me that it is ‘fake’. I wonder why they want to deny what happened. I hear news stories talking about ‘fake news’ and often wonder if these people honestly believe that it is true. I have heard people talking about the fact that other people aren’t the same as they are due to the color of their skin. I don’t understand why. The people need to understand that we have to work together.

If we don’t we will be fighting again. This time it will be with our brothers and sisters. The gods didn’t want that. We need to look into history to see the truth. The challenges that we face are going to be worse than we have ever seen.


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