A Special Meeting

I have a Twitter account and the interesting thing is I have met more people who are interested in my opinion on Twitter than near my house.

One of those special people on Twitter is Rick. He is a veteran and more importantly he wants to let people know about the challenges that are out there. I first started reading what he had to say and found that he had a lot in common with me.

I have always been proud of my service to the US Army and I have found that there are others that are like me and have similar views on the way things are going.

I am not sure if this is due to our training in the Armed Forces but we have all seen the challenges that the Military can do. We all have survived it and come out strong. 

I had a person who wanted to know who had the biggest influence on me. My response was not what they expected. My Senior Drill Instructor made the biggest influence on me. 

Senior Drill Instructor gave me the strength to go on when everyone else said that I couldn’t do it. He gave me the ability to perform to a higher standard than I thought I could.

To all the Veterans, I am eternally grateful to be apart of your elite group.


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