Freedom isn’t Free

As the US gets ready for a new President, we need to step back and remember that freedom isn’t free. There are those that gave all to make sure that the freedom Americans have are there. 

Some people gave some, some gave all to protect the freedom of this country.

I listen to the stuff coming out of the President-Elect mouth and remember when those types of statements were made before. I have an unusual gift for remembering the odd bit of information and being able to call a person when they stretch the truth.

Fear is a motive to learn. The more you know the more potential you have. People say that 1 person can’t change the world. But when 1 person gets 5 others to question information and those 5 people each get 5 more, what is the result? 

Questions are a great way to learn more.  Ask them, dig deeper, and ask more.


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