Ever been stuck in thought? As a writer I am having that problem. I know what I want to write but every time I start on one topic I get stuck in a different train of thought. I keep going back to what is going on in the world and my focus is gone.

I have tried writing with music is on and I keep getting sucked back into the fact that things are going to ‘The Underworld’ real fast. I look at who the President Elect is choosing for the government and want to freak out. Then my mind starts going back to what happened in the past when this sort of things happened.

I understand people don’t want to remember the past but we need to so badly that it isn’t funny. If we don’t we are going to have a very severe problem with the near future. I look at the statements that are made and ‘BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!!‘ comes to mind. The world feels like I am in the movie that I get the worlds hardest time for.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ Keanu Reeves character’s name is ‘Thomas Anderson/ Neo’ and Agent Smith keeps doing “Mr. Anderson” well with my last name being Anderson, you can imagine what I get from time to time on it.


At this stage of the way things are going I honestly feel like I am dreaming from time to time and while I want to wake up, the real world is scarier. I have been though my fair share of the crud but to see where this is going is not good. The simple fact is that we need to get the (what I call ‘Dark Money’) extra funds out of the election process. It is one person = one vote. Not one person with $10 = 1 vote and a person with $1 Billion dollars = 1 billion votes. So get the dark money out and make people prove what they going to do.

I think anyone that is going to run for a major office should have to have some real life experience. An example is if the person is going to run for the Director of the VA then they should be a veteran and they should have to use the VA Medical Center for their medical for a year. That way they know. A person wants to run for President, show me a ‘real’ world resume with things like military service, working at Target, not having a car at some point in time for more than a day and that they understand us. Then they should run due to the fact that they understand us.

If a person has a silver spoon in their mouth then how are they going to know what is real and what the real person has to go through. Then they would see through the illusions and maybe wake up to the fact that we are having a technical issue .



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