Mentally Fit to Serve

The US voted on November 8th and the popular vote was for Hillary Clinton. The States have a series of Electoral votes that they can use. Money talked and it went to Donald Trump. But is this person mentally fit to serve?

When a person has the job of the highest office in the land, shouldn’t they be able to sit down and understand that you don’t pick fights with other countries? When they have a group of people who are to advise them, shouldn’t they know that the people understand the jobs?

Over the weeks, I have heard nothing but the challenges that are going to be coming up due to the behavior that Mr. Trump is doing. I honestly wonder if he is mentally fit to serve. When you look at what has happened recently with the fact that his kids have been allowed to sit in on meetings that they shouldn’t be you have to wonder. When he chooses people from Fox News you have to wonder. Who is he really working for? The people who have made money for him or the people of the US.

I have seen some of the information that he puts out on Twitter and frankly he scares me. Some of the statements that he makes about people that have acted out in ways that he doesn’t feel are acceptable get the most negative language that he can use without getting a lot of ‘beeps’ on the local news. There was a statement that he made not to long ago about a person who had done something and he honestly sounded like he wanted the person taken out and drawn and quartered.

This is the sort of behavior that was done in the 1930’s in Germany and we had a major mess on our hands from that. We have seen governments that have done this time and time again and it never goes well for the people that live in those countries. Do we need to go back to that time? Do we need to suffer that way?

Veterans of this country have been willing to give all for this country. We chose to go in and be willing to say enough is enough and when we need to have the courage to say there is enough and stop someone from being real ‘special’ then we do so. Even when we are out of uniform, we are willing to help out. We don’t do it for the money. We don’t do it for the fame. We do it because we love the freedom that we have.

This country has had one civil war, we don’t need a second. We don’t need people saying that we have the wrong skin color so therefore we are less of a person. We do need the simple challenges of medical for all to be taken care of. We do need to be able to have jobs that understand that we are human and not machines, breaks are needed.

We need to have someone that is willing to work for us and respect the actual vote and not make statements that are inverted of what they really are.


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