There is a Technical Problem

When there is a shooting of a person who is a diplomat there is a serious ‘Technical Problem’. The reason that I say this is the fact that there is a known history of these problems happening and then the world ends up in a war.

This is what started WWI and that caused WWII and that caused the Cold War and {you can see the pattern}. So when we have the news saying that there has been a shooting of a person in that position of work wise, I have a wonderful fear shot.

I have been hearing about the Turkish Ambassador being shot. The first thought is that I feel for their family {even though I don’t know them} and then I hope that cooler heads will prevail. Now the problem is that not often does it happen. We can only hope that in this case it will. Thinking about it I heard that there were also shootings that the US Embassy and it feels more and more like someone is trying to cause a major problem.

Why are they doing this? Why cause problems for those that are from a different country?Is the human nature is drawn to war? Is there a problem with people getting along? Why does death have to happen to make a point? What happened to writing something out? What happened to talking with someone?

I wish that we could get people to talk more and work things out. This is so painful to hear almost every day of someone getting shot that it makes me worry where we are headed.


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