Does Money Run the World

Does money really run the world? If you are saying yes, then you have two options… Change the world or voice your concerns. 

The following is my personal opinion on this. 

I feel that the people who have been born with a silver spoon should have to go through all the challenges that the rest of the people do. People who are in the top 1% need to be helping others.

The following is suggestions on how to do this: if you see a person who needs help with getting their food in their home, help them out. If you see the same family has small ones, become a ‘secret Santa’s and get something for the kids.

If the person who had stayed out of the Military, go to the local Veterans Medical Center and volunteer. Get to know who has been willing to give all for the freedom you have.

Money doesn’t have to run a person, if you have a heart and extra money use it to help others.


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