The Voices

When someone says that they hear voices, what is your first reaction? Do you think they are a freak of nature? Are they a prophet? What are they to you?

When I hear the voices I hear the multitude of those that have been forgotten. The homeless, the oppressed, the depressed ones, the forgotten, and the misunderstood. I want to be their voice. I want to be able to have them be heard.

Some say that it is the old school in me that cares so much but the fact is that without a voice we don’t have a chance to change the world. When one voice gets held back then it becomes two and then ten and then the entire country is being held back.  When a country is held back then how can change happen? That is what we need right now is change.

We are looking at a time when living on the ‘Wild Side’ might be the answer to what is going on. When you look at the news lately it seems that is where we are headed. We have people that seem to be building empires out of their names and not caring about those who are truly getting hurt in the process. fear-is-the-mind-killer-dune

I think about some of the songs on my favorites playlist on YouTube and they describe me so well that it isn’t funny at times. Most of the songs talk about being a little different, and at the same time they want to get a message across.

I have tried to get others to see the danger and they don’t seem to want to. They tell me that I need to be more normal. What is normal? What makes my voice different than anyone else’s? Or is it the message that I am putting out that is the problem?

I have seen the damage that the blinders can do  when someone doesn’t want to see what is right in front of you. I have seen what the ‘normal’ reaction is to the way people treat others and it is hard to imagine being that way.

I have been told that I was born in the wrong time of the world. The reason is that I can’t stand it when I see people making the choice to hurt others. While I know that peace isn’t always the best way but does blood shed always have to happen to make those with power happy?



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