Are we alone …

With a planet that is filling up, this seems like a science fiction story waiting to happen right? The thing is my question is when we are sitting alone in our bedroom, are we really alone? Could there be others listening in that we don’t know of? What about the cell phone that you use for your alarm clock, could there be a program that turns on your camera and mic to where others can see and hear what is going on?


Google admitted that there was a flaw in part of their programming that will allow the phone’s camera and mic to be remotely turned on and that they were putting a patch out to fix it. So here is my question to you, are you sure that it is safe to use the cell phone as an alarm clock?


This isn’t to freak you out, this is just a question. There are other things that we can look into. If you want to look at a dollar bill in the light, there is watermarks and other things to ‘prevent counterfeiting’ the government will say. How do we know if what they are saying is true?


So what you may ask? If we are to be free and alone in our house, how do we prevent things from going on without our knowledge? Wrapping your head in tinfoil is not the answer, but looking a bit deeper at what we do is. When you go to the store, buy yourself a regular alarm clock, turn the cell phone off. The world won’t stop if you don’t get the latest stock report the minute it comes out trust me.


People think that I am strange with the fact that I like something called a hardback book. There are times that I like to write in script and people often find it strange. Why? Most people feel the computer is the best and fastest way to get the information out but what if I want to keep what I feel to myself, truly to myself … then a notebook is the best way to do it. If I need to destroy what is written then a campfire will destroy it to the best part.



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