What is a living wage

What is a living wage? How can a person who lives in a different state know? How do you survive in an environment that is against you? Where is the balance between the two sides of the coin? 

People who are looking at the amount a person makes and decides that the person is making too much money before taxes are removed and tell that person that the food assistance is going to be taken away. 

When the government looks only at one thing, the gross income of a person… They are missing part of the equation, the human factor. This is the taxes that are paid, the rent that is paid, medical,and other things.

I can see why the gross income is easier to figure in, but there needs to be the variable valve of basic human life in the equation. 

Let’s do some basic math:

A family of four with 1 person working full time. They make 15 dollars an hour and do 40 hours a week. The other parent has to stay home due to the disabled children. They try to get food assistance and other support services, only to be told that the person makes 100 dollars a month too much gross income. Who is getting hurt by this? The entire family is. If they do get help they are made to jump through so many hoops that they are stigmatized as being ‘A Welfare Bum’ and some employer’s will tell the person that they have to choose between the job and getting help for their family.

This is where the country is going. If the medical insurance is taken away, what is next? Food assistance? Rent assistance? 


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