Where would we be without our national parks? Why do we need them? Why should the government try remove the value of the land? What is the government thinking? $$$

If you think about if, it seems the dollar seems to run a lot of things these days. There are protected lands in the Arctic that there is oil under. The trees in the National forest, the waterways, the protected animals what does it mean? All that would be gone.

Yellowstone National Park, how can you look at the beauty and say there is no value. It is the first national park in the US. The Old Faithful geyser that puts a show on every 90 minutes by shooting water high into the air. Nature’s show, the animals, the thermal events that is everywhere in the park it is too beautiful to be worthless.

Olympic National Park, in Washington State, a wonderful area for those who want to go for a walk in the woods.

What about the waters? Humans have been destroying them with the pollution and now we several protected animals in the waters. Are they worthless?  Is the planet worthless? No, the simple fact is that the way that people look at the planet as something that they can buy and sell like a box of oranges.

There are some things that people need to know about places that are national parks. If you look at the Olympic National park, it is part of the planet’s lungs. (Yes I said the planet has lungs.) The simple fact is that every tree, every plant works as a pair of lungs. They take in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

The animals in the water do it too. If you look at the Phytoplankton they take in carbon dioxide and bind it to other chemicals to prevent it from getting back in the air and heating up the planet.

Now is the planet a safe place to destroy. The fact is no. It is Mother Nature who decides if we are going to make it or not. The simple fact is that if we abuse her then she can do a lot to wake us up and make us realize that we aren’t paying attention to the details.

Let’s think about it for a moment. If you take all the oil out of the Arctic and put it in the cars, you are going to heat up the planet and that is going to make thing get worse for us. If you look at the health issues that are happening now we have how many are directly related to the air quality that we have. atmospheric_carbon_dioxide_concentrations_and_global_annual_average_temperatures_over_the_years_1880_to_2009co2-noaa Does anyone see a problem here? What would happen if mother nature decided to get revenge on us?

Yellowstone is a supervolcano, if she woke up we would have a volcanic winter due to the amount of gas and ash she would throw in the air.

2016015554 That is most of the country under ash and most of the world’s wheat in the process. This is what is powering her. yellowstonechamber Can we say there is a problem if she decided to blow?

We need to stop abusing the planet or we are going to have a problem.


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