Question for you

Riddle me this … Riddle me that … who is afraid of … WTH! vladimir_putin_-_2006

OK so this isn’t a big black bat. That is Vladimir Putin. The simple fact is that we have a serious problem. The fact that it seems that the magic word for not getting access to C-Span when working in the United States Government.  There were two interruptions on the other day in C-SPAN when there were confirmation hearings and the word ‘Russia’ was said and in one case all the power went out in the room and the other time RT took over the channel and prevented the American people from knowing what was going on.

So let’s look at what has happening in the recent history with the elections. We have the hacking of the emails of the DNC and whether the RNC wants to admit it or not they were attacked as well. The information was given to the press and they were used against the DNC to cause Donald Trump to win the presidency of the United States.

So now we have a person who has no moral understanding of what he says will have direct effect on the country. So we have direct interference and we aren’t to be worried.


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