Fitness To Serve

Hillary was more ‘Fit to Serve’

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As election day, November 8, 2016, approaches, more voters begin to grapple with which candidate they will cast their ballots for President, Congressional Representative and/or Senator, along with a slew of statewide and local elected positions and various ballot measures. When it comes to electing the next President, the first of three face-to-face debates between Donald Trump, the GOP candidate and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, was held to (hopefully) better inform us as to the qualifications, policy positions and future aspirations of the two candidates and convince us to vote for them over their opponent.

To this point, the campaign has been marked by the unease of having two main candidates with low personal favorability ratings among the voting public as a whole. Clinton won the Democratic nomination after a spirited contest with Independent VT Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran a progressive campaign to her left politically. Allegations were…

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