Torture Must Neither Be Sanctioned Nor Excused

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A recent United States Senate report on torture performed on foreign nationals primarily by the CIA abroad subsequent to the terrorist attacks on the United States on 9/11/01 caused quite a stir when it was partially released to the public. In the past, the US has signed international treaties forbidding torture and prided itself on its exemplary conduct of military campaigns. That our government after the horrible events on 9/11 chose to alter its course as a result and resorted to treating prisoners in ways which are recognized internationally as torture belies that reputation. Calls for criminal investigation, trials and punishment of those responsible have been made both here and abroad, as well as through the United Nations.

Calling torture by another name, such as “enhanced interrogation techniques” neither masks the brutal and inhumane ways in which our government sought to extract information from prisoners nor the fact that such…

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