The Lone Writer … with a racing mind

It is 4am and sleep is not allowed to happen for me. I have been tossing and turning all night long and finally gave up trying to. I got up and the first thing I got was a cat that went pounce on me. She had gotten the door shut on her and was lonely.

I have been using a digital recorder to keep the thoughts on the mind and hoping that it would get some relief. It didn’t happen. I found that the more that I try to sleep the worse that it is.

Story idea’s race through my mind so fast that it is hard to get the information out. Trying to focus long enough to write it down, often failing. So, tired and at the same time wide awake.

Now it is going on with the normal routine. The cat is up so I need to be up otherwise my husband gets the wake up. She is sitting at my feet listening to the keys typing and I am having to laugh at the way she behaves. I get up and she wraps herself around my legs. I try to sleep and she claws at the door if it is shut or my hubby must be up.

It is going to be a long day.


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