Survival of the ….

We have all heard of survival of the fittest. It is a theory that Charles Darwin’s way of describing how different species have survived and could adapt and survive. This is the basic form of evolution that Charles Darwin was trying to explain.

Humans are a species that have survived by adapting. We have learned how to go from hunter gathers to living in cities. The differences between our hair color, skin color and other things are minor mutations. Darwin didn’t see these as separate species but one species with different mutations that improve the survival of the species.

However, we have had wars over the different parts of the species. There have been wars over the color of a person’s skin, their religion belief, or other things. The last time that this happened we saw millions die due to the basic theory being twisted and distorted. One of the worst was World War 2.

Now we stand at the abyss again. This time it isn’t due to religion but nationality or money. The simple fact is that with Donald Trump coming to the Presidential office in a few days, this is a dangerous time. I see the tweets that he puts out and it is something that worries me. When verbal attacks are done against the press, against people we are looking at a dangerous time if we don’t step back and take a serious look at what is going on, where are we going, we are in trouble.

There are some basic things that everyone needs: food, water, shelter that is appropriate, medical treatment and services and the ability to speak freely.

If we are to survive, maybe we need to think in a different way. Could we learn to think in the abstract? Could we learn to think outside the box? It may be the easiest way to deal with the challenges that are coming.

If you look at a recipe for a cake, you know what you need to have to make the cake. If you look at a rubix cube that is all messed up, you need to think in the abstract to solve it. We do it all the time … when we are talking on the phone and taking notes for a meeting we think we are ‘multi-tasking’ but we are thinking in the abstract.

That may be the best way to handle the challenges of life, but we need to remember that we need to recharge from time to time.


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