Lies, Lies, Lies … Where’s the Truth?

This is something that is driving me nuts. Ever since President Trump took office and it has been nothing but lies, lies and more lies. The simple fact is that if the person is not able to tell a truth at any part there is a serious problem.

The fact that the current President has said that there is there’s no one that is good in the Intelligence Community and then to hear that he went to the CIA headquarter and had very little respect for the country and those who have lost their lives for our safety.

Now we have a person who is taking some of the basic services for women’s medical services. I was watching All In with Chris Hayes and saw a sign that showed President Trump and Hitler and it saying ‘Wrong’.

With the White House Staff looking more and more like a Goldman Sachs office, there is a problem. There were people in some of the hearings dressed in Ku Klux Klan costumes and it worries me.

Walls don’t work and there is a big problem when the health care is taken away from so many of us. I keep seeing the rivers of blood and hearing Trump saying that everything is all right.


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