Questions about the United States…

With everything that is going on, we should wonder what is going to happen next. The simple thing is that we are going to be headed for a bad time. What is going to happen with the basic freedoms that we need to have. Are we going to have to find the money to cover our medical and other things?

When people have to fight for something as simple as food, then there is going to be a problem. When people don’t the money to get both food and medical, then we have to figure what is more important. Do you eat or do you get the medication that you need to stay alive?

When do we have full education without having to move from the state that we there is better education we must worry about Ms. DeVos being put in the education board and the vouchers system that she wants to put in to effect. All our children need to have the same education ability. There is a federal law that protect those with disability.

There is a serious problem with the people that the new president is wanting to put in place. We need to start contacting the people in Washington DC and let them know that we aren’t happy with what is going on.


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