If you lost all your rights but 1….

What would you do if you lost all your freedoms but one what would you keep? Why?

If I had lost all my freedoms but one, I would want to keep the freedom of speech. The reason is that with the ability to speak freely means that I can get the other freedom’s back. Have you ever thought what you would do with that freedom? I am a writer and that is a form of speech so I would be able to get the information out of what is going on and why.

We look at the basic freedoms that we have and most of the time we take them for advantage. If they were gone, we would have to figure out where and why we lost them. All we must do is look to history to see the truth. If we look back to the early 1930’s and we can see what happens. It happened in Europe.

When you look at what happened then and now you can see a lot of similarities. I worry about what will happen. The most important right that we have is speech, that freedom is the one that you need. When you have the ability to express yourself then you have the ability to get the things that you need and let others known that you still have a voice and mind.


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