Gag Orders Are In Place

OK there may be some language editing in this and for that I say please forgive me.

I was listening to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC’s website and there are some things going on that frankly scare the crap out of me. Hearing that there was a series of oil spills in Canada that happened recently may not seem special until the first one was on the day that Donald Trump accepted the Republican Nomination at the convention. That was July 20th on the providence of Saskatchewan. The pipeline was 19 years old. The other one was on 23 January 2017 on agricultural lands. On 24 January 2017 Donald Trump revived the Keystone Pipeline. OK … WTF is he thinking?!

Oklahoma, you would think it is a safe place to live. There are no major fault lines so there shouldn’t be any earthquakes, right? WRONG! Oklahoma has one ‘human’ issue that is going on that is causing a major problem with it … fracking! Fracking is where the oil companies put contaminated liquids from removing the oil back into the ground under high pressure. The land can’t take it and it shakes like crazy! Starting in 2010 there were 41 Magnitude 3+ Earthquakes and in 2016 there were 623 Magnitude 3+ earthquakes. WTF! ( ) So we know there is a problem. You would think that with the need for information, President Trump and he has put gag orders on most of the major government agencies. They are having to get approval to put anything out. Their email lists must be approved, webinars are being cancelled, Twitter accounts are being shut down.

What is this person thinking?! He is not, he is trying to control the information that is out there.

The more he tightens his grip the more people will slip through his hands.


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