Prison Nation… USA

Have you ever heard of a prison nation? If I told you that the U.S. is a prison nation, would you believe me? If you were told that the U.S. has almost 25% of the prison inmates in the world.

There are more people in segregation cells in this country, and the known fact is that long term isolation will make people worse than better. If a person does a crime and the punishment is a prison sentence of 10 years. If that same person also has a mental illness, would it be better to get the person mental health care or put them in a cell and say that they are a lost cause.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do see some problems with the U.S. system and the way that punishment is handled. Why should a person who has a mental illness and has done a crime be treated as a number. 

Mental health is a problem in the U.S. The way that people are treated as strange, not normal, and not part of ‘the normal’ is wrong. People need to understand that the people who are in a prison nation don’t have the treatment options that they need.

We need to find a fix for this prison nation!


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