Every day some people are automatically set up to fail. What do I mean? If you are raised in an environment where most of the people that are in your neighborhood have been incarcerated several times and members of your family have been as well then are you set up for the same failure? 

What if your skin color is part of the problem? What if the “normal” in your neighborhood was for the police to come to your neighborhood and arrest some of the people? How much of a toll would that be on your mind? 

Not all the answers are in the throwing a person in jail. If the prison isn’t fixing the problem, then it is time for a change. If you put a kid in jail for ‘skipping school’ that isn’t fixing the problem. It’s making the problem worse. What does it teach the child? 

Now, if you take the same kid and see what it is that causes the problem and work to fix it, then the future can be different for the world. 

When people are able to get the support and encouragement that they need then the future is better. When is a person who can get treatment for a medical condition thrown in a prison instead, are they getting the help they need? 

We need to fix this!


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