Do Walls Work?

Do walls work?

It would if you needed to build a house. If you are in a country with a wall around it, then no. The reason is that walls are meant to keep people out and in this world today of a global market then you are not going to make it.

When have walls ever worked?

When you need to have a warm home then yes, the walls would work. As Germany found out after World War 2 when there was a wall in Berlin people found ways to get around it. When Berlin had the wall, it was to prevent people from going to the West. There were more freedoms in the west side of Berlin and there were better jobs.

With President (didn’t want to say that word with the next one) Trump wanting to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico this is not good. The problem is that he honestly feeling that he is right with this.

This is only one of the stupid things that have been done lately. Mr. Trump is wanting to get list made of people who are Muslims, and they are Americans the same way that it was done in Germany during the 1930’s.

If there are list made, will be Muslims first, then other religions, then different color skin, what is next?

Are we going to be having a bar code put on our arms? Are we going back in time? I feel so sorry for the survivors of the German Camps to have to go through this again. I am so sorry that the people who grew up with the family members that went through that hell. They have my respect, love and I will defend them.

(I am in the last section)


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