What is the lesson

When my friends are in pain and I must help fight for them what is the lesson? When they are saying that the Christian God is the only person that will be with you no matter what, what is the Lesson? Why does bother me?

I think the reason that it bothers me is that I do fight to help them. I struggle with things that are painful to remember and still fight on. Those who know that I believe in the ancient gods and I see those gods doing the same thing.

When I am putting everything on the line in my heart and it is hurt, why do I keep going? When I fight my instincts to run away and take things head on, why do I keep going?

What is it about the fight that I seem to enjoy so much? It seems to be the more that I fight the more I feel alive.

The lesson that we need to remember is that everyone can make a difference. I hope that everyone will try to do that.


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