A Science Project ….

This one will make you think for a moment (I hope).

There was a science project that was started over 50 thousand years ago, and is still going, however it is now in a dangerous position. When the God or God’s that you believe in gifted humans with the ability to make choices they gave us free will.

Now in most cases this is a good thing, we can make different choices and hopefully learn from our mistakes. But there are those who don’t feel that people of different religious beliefs or skin colors should have that same free will.

If we look below the skin, below the muscle to where the soul is said to be kept in some religious beliefs to the blood, we are all the same. The DNA will show it. So, I don’t understand why they choose to feel to judge others due to the religious beliefs or skin color.

The proof is there. If you look at the historical record you will see there is bottle neck in the genetic line of most of the major animals on the planet today. It shows up in the mitochondrial DNA that is passed down from mother to daughter. It is also found in the Ice cores of Antarctica and Greenland.

The ice cores work like tree rings, each year during the summer the ice melts a bit then when winter comes it snows and freezes. When it freezes, it captures what’s in the air at the same time. So, things like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, pretty much what is in the air gets caught.

70 thousand years ago, humans were still in Africa and Toba woke up. Toba is a super volcano (like Yellowstone National Park is) and what qualifies as a VEI-8 is the amount of stuff thrown in the air. For a volcano to get to the VEI-8 level you have to throw 2800 cu km into the air. The last Yellowstone eruption was 640 thousand years ago and it through 1000 cu km.

Toba from space Yellowstone from the side the red line is the caldera rim (yikes is safe to say).

When one of these go off it has so much stuff coming out it could put the planet in danger.

Back to the science project – if we don’t stop the fighting over skin color and religious beliefs we won’t survive the next time that one of these go off and they will – humanity may not make it.


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