A Lone Writer and the Big Gamble

The lone writer sits at the computer. All they have to do is hit enter and the story will be on Amazon. Will anyone read it? Will they be able to make anything or is their hobby nothing more than a waste of time? Taking a deep breath, they hit enter on the keyboard. It has taken all her courage to take the final step and do this.

While it takes nothing to come up with the plots and the characters, why is it so hard to do the final step and press enter? Maybe it is hearing all her life that it is a waste of time and that she would never be able to do it. She has deified people before and gotten stronger for it over and over and now this is her biggest gamble yet.

She has so many dreams and hopes that if this one goes good then she can do others that are similar. This is the biggest test of her life. She hopes and prays that it goes well and now on to the next idea.

The music is going, the fun ideas are in her head, it is time to try to focus her mind. Got the rock and roll going and who knows maybe she haves a winner somewhere in her mind.


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