Gorgon vs Humans

This is for fun only I promise!!!

Ok if you get the Ancient Greek Gods mad, they are very well known for making people’s life a challenge to say the least. If you look at what has happened in the old legends, it almost makes you wish that you could summon some of the abilities that they had and see what would happen.

My fun wish would be that Medusa, the Gorgon would go to the Capital of the Countries of the world and get a chance to meet the leaders. Have a truthsayers go with her who can see into the heart and soul of the person that they are to meet. If the person’s heart and soul is pure and true for the wellbeing of the people they represent, they are spared. If they are corrupt, then Medusa would get to see them and we would have a lot of stone statutes.

The flip side would be the children of the gods that would be so helpful in some ways. Not all the children of the gods are good but the ones that are good and willing to help others would be something that we could really use.

If we had a military that was similar to the Spartan way, we would have a lot less of the corruption due to the training that they would have to go through. While some of the training would be hard and some might not be implemented but the fact that people would have the respects that are needed to make this world work.

The Spartans were some of the best in the ancient world. They also had the respect of the other city states that they were better than most. The Spartans were the Delta force of the Ancient times. If we had training that included the respect that the others had of the Spartans, then there would be less crime. The workings were wonderful in the way that the Spartans worked within the environment to be able to protect themselves. They wouldn’t go out and pick a fight but they were the ones that could end it. The simple fact that the other countries as well as the other city states of Greece knew that if the Spartan Army was going to war that there was going to be discipline in the way that they worked and they were going to be able to deal with the problem that was there.


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