Symbol Association … a game?

This is a fun one to do, when you play the game word association, it is meant to see what you come up with to a certain word. For example, if I say ‘shark’ most people think of the movie “Jaws”. This version I want to do is a bit different. This is symbol association. These images aren’t to make people upset, just to show that they are not always what they assume that it is. I am going to put a series of pictures up that are cropped and then after you have a few minutes to look them over, I will show you the complete pictures and you can see if you are thinking of the same thing as what I am.

Who do you first think this is? Most would say Mary and child. But if I show you the entire picture you will see that it is the Goddess Isis and Horus.

Here is another one for you. What do you think this is? Most would say that it is the devil’s pitchfork but when you look at the full image you will see something different. It is Poseidon with his Trident, a symbol of power. So, as we can see there are symbols that have changed meanings over the year depending on what religion is talking about. Let’s try another one. Now this one may be bringing up some anger but there is a different image than what you think. This was a symbol of Prussian Army during the time of Fredrick the great. So not everything that is associated with something that happened at one point in time which is less than pleasant may have had a different reason all together.

One last one What do you think? The oldest hate groups in the United States, right? But when you see the entire image it is a different system all together.

These are the ‘Hooded Nazarenos parade during the celebration of Semana Santa a Holy week in Malaga, Spain, Europe’

The entire reason for this exercise is to show people that not everything is what they may seem and that to accept information at face value may not be the best one that you want to do. I ask that people see with open eyes so that way they can make the best choices that they can. It isn’t to say that one is better than another, it is to show that things may not always be what you think.


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