True or False … Will you play?

This version of the old classic game ‘truth or dare’ but I prefer to play ‘true or false’. I like to see if those that read these can tell what is the fake information and what is the true information. The reason I am doing this is because there is a lot of ‘fake news’ going around I honestly feel that we need a reality check from time to time. I will try to make this as fun as possible but at the same time interesting.

  1. When did Megalodon go extinct? Was it a) over 2 million years ago, or b) is it still swimming or c) there is no proof either way.
    1. The best answer is c) there is no solid proof either way. Some people say that it is alive and what is called a Lazarus Taxon. A Lazarus Taxon is a creature that is thought to be extinct only to have been found much later still alive and surviving.
  2. Did Donald Trump ever serve in the Military?
    1. The answer is no. Donald Trump did go to a Military Academy because he was a challenge for his parents to handle. He went to New York Military Academy. The reason was he was famous for breaking the rules. (
  3. Can you tell a person’s genetic legacy by the look of the person?
    1. Not able to do so. This is a super false one. A person’s genetic legacy would be able to be determined through test of their blood to see if there are specific markers and the family history to see if there was a repeated pattern of a problem within the family.
    2. Trying to tell a person’s genetic legacy by their looks is a form of ‘social Darwinism’ and that doesn’t work. The reason is that a person may look one way and be very different.
  4. Are there such things as a master race in humanity?
    1. No there isn’t. The simple fact is that every person is very close to the next person. There is a bottleneck in the gene pool about the time that the super volcano Toba erupted. That was 75,000 years ago. Humans were all in Africa at the time and we were nearly wiped off the earth.
  5. Is any life unworthy of living? Is a child who has a birth defect unworthy of life? What about the older people who remember the history?
    1. Every life has a value. If you look in the past you can see that some of the most well-known people have special challenges that if they were known to have the defect would have been considered unworthy of life.

      Professor Stephen Hawking has ALS and he is a theoretical physicist

      Albert Einstien was Jewish and he too was a theoretical physicist.

      Leonardo da Vinci wrote in such a way with his notes that is called mirror writing that some think he was dyslexic. He chose to do this for his personal notes.

So, as you can see not everything is as you may think. The suggestion is to look deeper to see if we can find the truth and then decide.


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