The Making of a Problem/ A Dictator

This is my opinion only – with facts to show why.

I am seeing a very big problem – President Trump is sounding like a person who wants to be a dictator. The facts that he says things that are so worry some to me due to they seem to be very like Hitler. I am a history buff is well known so this is a concern to me.

First off, I will put the footnotes at the bottom of the page.

When Hitler first got in power, he tried to play to the crowd. He held rallies and was seen several times playing up to the crowd. In these rallies, he was known to repeat the same lines and the same style of speech over and over. This site will list them in English: The reason that I bring this up is since we are hearing this today.

When you listen to Donald Trump’s rallies and listen to what he is saying, it is often the same thing over and over again. He plays to the crowd and will use the same lines to make the crowd feel the same feelings as if going to high mass or a concert. They will get carried away and not think of what is being said. This site will show you what he says:

When you look at Benito Mussolini, he was a former soldier from WWI and had a self-confessed ‘thirst for military glory’ he decided his destiny to rule Italy as a modern Caesar. He wanted to re-create the Roman Empire. When he marched on Rome with the Fascist Party members, he was able to get the Prime Minster role and then seized power.

If you look at the people I have spoken of so far, you can see where the concern is. There are the people that are working with the people that I have spoken of. These are just as dangerous as the leaders that they worked with.

When Hitler came to power, Joseph Goebbels was the head person in Propaganda. He was a failed author and blamed others for his failures. He was the one that helped Hitler be seen in the best light. He also was the one that set up the book burnings, regulated the content of the German media and was the one that decided what was ‘safe’ for the German’s to read and hear.

When you look at who Donald Trump chose to have for a ‘spin master’ you get Kellyanne Conway. She seems to have a problem with the regular facts. More than once she has come up with alternate facts. Her former college has said that she is doing a grave injustice with the manipulation of the facts.










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