Time to play ‘The Game’

This is unique way of looking at what is going on now. As the song, says ‘It’s time to play the game!’

Life is a game; how will you play? What role will choose? Will you be the person who stands by and does nothing? Will you be the warrior that goes out and fights? Will you be the support person? Or the policy maker? Maybe the townsperson who passes a message along? Or the priest who does the blessings and helps the wounded? Maybe the information gather, the person who can vanish in a crowd.

It seems strange that I would refer to life as a game but I look at things in a ‘special’ way. I have always played the person that seems to morph into what is needed. Some say that it is a good thing, others have said that it is a bad thing. To me it is a way of life. I have never been willing to play the victim. I tried and found that I had to fight.

When you look at life being a game in a way you look at things like a puzzle to be solved. We have done it many times as kids. Gotten a puzzle and looked at all the pieces and gone ‘OMG! I can’t do this!’ Then we start to sort the pieces and find the outer edge.

Each morning you get the ability to make a choice of the way the day will go. That is the sorting of the pieces and getting the outer edges together. As you go through the day, you will fill in the inside of the puzzle and by the end of the day you have the completed puzzle.

When you look at the way that things have gone, your personality will show through. When we look at a person who must be the center of attention, they want to be the policy makers, the ones that are in total control. They may do this because they feel that they are special in some way, that it is destiny that guides them … often I have found that they are lacking in personal strength in a way.

The masses have the strength of the warriors as well as the support of the others who want to believe but don’t know how. The masses have the priest that can get the information out.

When you have to face the enemy of the game, without realizing it you will pull on all resources to be able to get past him. The enemy will try to do things such as deceive, distract, give misinformation or just send the legions after you, but to win the game you must learn to overcome.

If we look at all the pieces we are the little kid looking at all the puzzle pieces and saying ‘OMG – I can’t do this!’ But if we look at the current problems we can see where the corner pieces are at. From there we can figure out how to solve the puzzle.

The Ultimate Boss on this level of the game is Trump. He is the one that we must beat.


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