Check Your Eyes … Reality Time

Take the rose-colored glasses off and see the reality of what is going on.

When you see the things that are going on, the only way that you can say that Donald Trump is making America great is if you are wearing a set of rose colored glasses with blinders on. The people that say that the white race is under attack are seeing the world through a very distorted set of glasses. The reason that people are saying this is the spin that is going on.

People are saying that there is a white genocide and I say that there no difference between the races. The science shows that. The DNA is there to show that there is one to two pieces’ difference between everyone. The mitochondrial DNA that is passed down from mother to daughter shows that there is a bottleneck 70 thousand years ago, in humanity.

Ever since Donald Trump has taken office, the hate against other races has increased. People seem to think that hate is the way to handle things. This is the wrong way to handle it. Donald Trump has said that he wants to ‘Make America Great Again’ but then turns around and says things that are just plain untrue. The most recent thing that he said was about Sweden having problems. The fact is that the information is so distorted that it is hard to think straight.

The way that things are going is showing the spin factor is working. When you look at the people who are putting the spin out there, you see that it is being done by the government. This isn’t the regular spin that is put out by Fox News. This is called propaganda. Propaganda is when the government says things to change people’s minds or behavior.

We have seen this before, in the 1930’s. We have seen what the hate can do before. We have said that it would never happen again.

Yet it is. The same type of speeches, the same type of propaganda and a person who is addicted to Twitter. There are times that the information is so far out there that it hard to believe that some people do believe it.

We need to get rose colored glasses off the masses and have the truth out there to be seen by all.


159 thoughts on “Check Your Eyes … Reality Time

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