Haunted Houses…

Welcome to the Wild World of Mythology

Do you believe in haunted houses? Can a house have a soul? Why?

Houses are our homes, places of safety … or are they? When you look at some of the older homes, they feel that they are lived in. There is supposed to be a comfort zone, a feeling of safety in the location. What if you walked into a home and it had that feeling and then you were going to buy it and the person who was selling it to you told you that there had been murders in the house, would you still move in?

When you hear of the house in Amityville, NY, most think of the story of George and Kathy Lutz, that the house was haunted and that they had to flee in fear after 28 days. Is there more to the story though? I don’t know all the facts, I haven’t been…

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